Tandem Discount

Get more of what you need !

With our Tandem Program, get 50% off a complete pair of lenses for each additional complete pair of eyeglasses you purchase at regular price.*

This means, that if you buy 2 complete pairs of eyeglasses, you will get 50% off one pair of lenses. If you buy a 3rd complete pair of eyeglasses, you will receive 50% off lenses on 2 of your pairs. There is no limit on how many pairs you can buy!

The Tandem Program is available on our complete range of lenses, whether you choose Single Vision lenses, Progressive lenses, or a mix of both!

The complete pair of lenses (lenses and all additional options) with the highest price will be charged at regular price. The 50% discount will apply to all other complete pairs of lenses purchased and will be applied on the price of the lenses and any additional lens options (with the exception of Mirror Tint options that will remain at regular price).

Get the Tandem Discount when you:

  • Purchase 2 or more complete eyeglasses (lenses including anti-glare and a frame) at regular price
  • Purchase all eyeglasses on the same day
  • Purchase all eyeglasses for the same person

* Available at participating locations. Terms and conditions may vary. Cannot be combined with any other offer. See details in store.