A prescription optician is on site in each of our eyewear stores to offer you a range of professional services.

Do you know the impact of having an optician take measurements when you buy your glasses?

The optician is responsible for providing you with a quality product that meets your needs while staying within your budget. He or she will accompany you throughout the purchasing process and advise you on your choice of lenses and treatments. Taking measurements is essential, and the accuracy of these measurements is even more so, since they will be used to ensure that your lenses are perfectly adapted to your prescription and frame choice.

Opticians can also guide you in your choice of contact lenses. During an appointment, they carry out the necessary examinations to select contact lenses adapted to the dimensions of your eye, ensure that the lens is safe to wear, and help you choose a lens suited to your lifestyle.

Ready to purchase your new glasses? They'll fit you perfectly - they've got a compass in their eye!


Regroupement des opticiens et optométristes affiliés

In Québec only the "Regroupement" is the company that offers all the services and professional activities of the company, which are limited to the fitting, sale and replacement of ophthalmic lenses in the various eyewear stores operating under the "Entrepôt de la Lunette" or Optical Warehouse trademark, all in accordance with a declaration by Dr. Alain Desjardins regarding the practice of the optometry profession.

Mr. Stéphane Beaulieu OOD acts as mandatary for all opticians representing "Entrepôt de la Lunette" in all Quebec eyewear stores with the Ordre des opticiens d'ordonnances du Québec.