Anti-glare Coatings

Optical Warehouse is proud to offer two high quality coatings; superior anti-glare and exclusive Maxiivue II™ ultra clear anti-glare.

6 Benefits of Anti-glare Coatings

  1. Improve visibility (people see your eyes better and you see out better);
  2. Reduce glare, especially in night driving;
  3. Improve clarity;
  4. Improve viewing of personal tech devices, phones and TV;
  5. Make eyewear more aesthetically pleasing;
  6. Facilitate cleaning, especially smudges and water droplets.

Our Anti-glare Coatings

3 Anti-glare Coatings
Superior anti-glare coating
$90, 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Superior anti-glare coating

Provides excellent basic protection against glare/reflections by improving the clarity of the lenses and is easy to clean
Exclusive MaxivueII™ anti-glare coating
$120, 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Exclusive MaxivueII™ anti-glare coating

Offers super oleophobic, hydrophobic and antistatic protection that keeps lenses cleaner longer and facilitates regular cleaning
Scratch-resistant/hard coat
comes standard on all lenses

Scratch-resistant/hard coat

Scratch resistant coating (also sometimes known as a “hard coat”) is a hard coating over the soft plastic substrait of lenses making them more robust and scratch-resistant, thereby ensuring protection against normal use of your eyeglasses.