Technology advances for your vision

Optical Warehouse is motivated to position itself as a technological leader in optical. We facilitate and enrich your buying experience by proposing exclusive and innovative technologies.

We are proud to integrate various technologies from lenses to style.

Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror is a measurement tool used by our opticians. It allows Optical Warehouse to quickly and easily take all the necessary measurements to produce the most accurate lenses with your prescription. It measures your pupil distance, the best height to ensure focus, and even optimizes your choice of lenses by calculating the optimal corridor length for progressive lenses.

It is also a great tool to help you make your choice of frames by allowing you to see yourself wearing frames in pictures. The photo gallery feature allows you to compare several photos side-by-side.

The Smart Mirror also allows opticians to demonstrate various available lens options. Thanks to simulation videos, you can compare progressive lens options to better understand what would be most suitable to you.

Smart Look

Choosing from a wide range of frames can be difficult! In order to facilitate your shopping experience, in some locations Optical Warehouse offers virtual stations on iPads allowing you to make a 3D virtual frame tour. With these stations you have access to all the frame collections available in all of our stores.

It is very easy to navigate by style, genre and/or collection. They're certainly not a substitute for your best friend, stylist or optician in giving you their best advice, but they do provide privacy and perspective to try on frames you may never have dared to try!