About us

Fashion and technology in eyeglasses at affordable prices

Our mission: Offer best solutions to the essential need of vision.

Optical Warehouse desires to make frames and lenses available for everyone and anyone. We understand that you may have an accelerated pace of life and that you may not have the time to stop and ask yourself questions and find solutions for your vision. That’s why we are here; our team of experts are pleased to understand your visual needs and advise according to your prescription, your lifestyle, your activities and your budget.

At one time, eyeglasses were so expensive that one pair needed to last for years. We do our best to make it possible to have several pairs of glasses for different activities at the best prices. We provide a wide offering in fashion and style to meet your budget.

How are we able to offer affordable eyeglasses?

Optical Warehouse cuts out intermediaries at various levels and is thereby able to offer high quality ophthalmic lenses at the cutting edge of technology “simply less expensive”. We offer the latest collections of high-end frames imported from Europe and around the world direct from the manufacturer.

Optical Warehouse is of the opinion that you should not pay the same price or more for glasses as for advanced personal electronic devices. That's why we work our international relationships to always get the best quality frames, lenses and coatings to meet your budget. Bringing your prescription to us also helps to reduce costs associated with more expensive eyewear.